Sick and a bit down


I have been sick for the last 5 days thanks to my toddler and haven’t been able to work much on my projects, and as I work through the Survey Form Project trying to remember how to use Flexbox again, I wonder what happened to all the knowledge that I acquired when I completed Treehouse’s Front End Development Track just a couple of months ago.

At this point, I feel that while I learnt a lot during my self-studies, I probably rushed trough it, and didn’t practice enough, or maybe what I’m experiencing is common.

Any recommendations or suggestions?

It can happen, but don’t stress out too much.

You should go over some parts of the course again and you’ll find out that things will start to make sense again.

Also, when you take a course, make sure you follow along with the instructor by writing the code yourself, and what I found out to be a great way to memorize concepts is to stop once in a while and try tweaking the code yourself. See what happens when you change a value or a property. Break the code!

This way you will strengthen the synapses between your brain’s neurons. :brain:

Just keep going forward and don’t get yourself knocked down and remember: practice makes it better! :+1:

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This happened to me several times. And it’s one of the reasons why I’m studying Front-End at different platforms. That gives me a change to look at it from different angles as the courses are all very different in the way they explain things. And it also provides me with the necessary repeating of lessons without turning it into a boring job.

What also helped me is this course:

If you enroll as auditor it’s free. It’s one of the most popular online courses in the world for a very good reason. It really helps you to learn in places like FCC.

And about flexbox. That’s a tricky piece of CSS. I love it, but only after struggling with it for a long time.
Here’s a guide that helps:

Good luck!



For Flexbox:

For some other resources about the Front-End you can checkout a blogpost I created.


I know how your feeling. I just finished the Survey form project and am heading to the next. There is so much information being thrown at us that somethings are bound to slip through the cracks of our memory. I just met with someone who got a job after completing freeCodeCamp and when I asked him if this feeling was normal, he said “of course it is. Luckily though, we have google!” These projects are meant to test what stuck and what didn’t and if we have the capability of finding the information that slipped away. The more you search for answers (even if it is something that you were already presented with) the more you learn.

Just keep your head up and push forward,
Jeff :smiley:

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It it possible that “I probably rushed trough it” is a true statement, but only you know! One thing is certain it isn’t good. Also being down is common for everyone in everything so just keep on working when you have a down time don’t surrender and you’ll get out stronger! It is really wise to come out and write about it so that you talk to people about it :slight_smile:

To finish, here is quote I’d like to share, it might be useful :slight_smile:: “Motivation is only a catalyseur.” This quote supports what I said about keeping up with the work while having a downtime.

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Thanks for the links. I just did the flexbox zombie and it really help solidify some of the information.


Awesome resources! Thank you!

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I second the recommendation for the Learning How to Learn course. I took that course before jumping into freecodecamp and I loved it!

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Hey Magit try to keep a summery of everything you learn daily and review them from time time. This will help you retaining your knowledge. Also relax as much as you can if you are still feeling sick. Its hard to think, work and learn productively when you are sick and it can make everything frustrating.


Thank you for the links! I push through and I finished my Survey Form very close to the way I envisioned.


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