Sign in Issue with google account but not with guest account

Hello, I am attempting to sign in to the main site but I am unable to get past an infinite load screen. I am using google chrome and I am able to load all the webpages whenever I am in a guest account but I am not able to load it in my own google account. What could be the issue?

you may try to clear cache and cookies maybe

  • Make sure that your browser is up-to-date.
  • Clear your browser’s storage and refresh.
  • If you have any browser extensions, especially things like script blockers, disable them.
  • If you have other tabs open, try closing them or opening a new browser window without other tabs.
  • Try logging out of your google account and back in via a Google product (Chrome, Mail, Calendar, etc), to make sure there isn’t anything weird with your login credentials.

Thank you! These all seemed to help. Have a great week!