Signed into Github account yet progress is not saved/synced


I have been doing the ‘Responsive Web Design Certification’ course on Safari (14.0), and I had some technical difficulties. It was saying it cannot save my progress, but after disabling all blockers and other extensions it finally saved. I can see my progress on my main page too. However, if I sign in with my Github account to freecodecamp on another browser, I can see no progress at all and also all my settings are gone, including my set username. I am afraid my progress will be lost forever if Safari decides to delete its cache or something else happens. Please help. Thanks in advance.

freecodecamp uses the email address to recognise your account, are you sure you are logging in with the same email address?

You are my saviour! I changed my email address right after registering… I now tried using the email login on another browser, and it loaded all my progress and settings. Thank you so much!

you can change the email address in the settings of yor fcc account (after deleting the wrongly created account) and keep using github to log in

I deleted the account that had no progress that was created with the email address that was my primary on Github. After that I changed the primary email address on Github to the one I have all the progress on freeCodeCamp. Now I can use Github login and it takes me to the right account. Thanks again :slight_smile: