Signor Farini tribute page FEEDBACK

This is my tribute page to Signor Farini.

How does it fair?

Overall, I think that you have ticked the boxes for this challenge.

You may want to reconsider using shadows for the text, as it makes the words difficult to read.

Also, the lack of contrast between the background color and the text color may also contribute to the content being difficult to read – consider a lighter background or a lighter text color.

While the graphic element is a nice idea, the text of the headers is difficult to read against the pattern of the background.

I also noticed that it seems as if the image has been scaled out of ratio as the stars around the borders look out of proportion. Since the most of the background image is not seen, you may wish to consider reimagining how you can bring the graphic elements into the page without using an image that is mostly hidden.

I think that this is a great start to a tribute page.

Happy coding!