Similar forums?

Hello guys,

I’m looking for active developer forums like freeCodeCamp.
freeCodeCamp is really active and there are many users posting every day.
Are there any other developer forum which is as active as this?
I’m particularly interested in:

  • node.js development
  • angular 5, angualrJS
  • Java android development
  • iOS objective-C / Swift development
  • general full stack development (vue.js, react.js, angular & mongoDB or Firebase)

If there are active forums related to above subjects, please leave me links in comment.
It looks like forums for react native, phonegap are pretty dead. They barely get any post at all.
and I’m surprised there isn’t any active java android developer forum…
I’m looking to join ones like freeCodeCamp.

Thanks in advance

I find stack overflow is pretty active.

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Yes, Stackoverflow is pretty professional and active.
However it doesn’t focus on specific topic like node.js or android java development.
Is there any other dedicated forum for node.js full stack development?

You can always use this forum. People will help with pretty much anything javascript related, although it’s difficult to ask for help with other languages here. Many languages and frameworks have their own forums for example React and ElixirLang operate Discourse forums similar to this one.

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There is a gitter channel for nodejs.


Cool, thanks.

There are useful forums for NativeScript, React, Ionic.

I found these forums are all based on the same forum platform and they’re all active.
and then I found this codecamp forum which is the same. That’s why I’m looking for more.
I’m sure there could be a few more active forums like this.

I don’t use Elixir … I’m into angular, vue, node.js… and laravel.

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