Simon Game - Any Feedback appreciated

Here’s my Simon Game

  • Built with HTML, CSS and Vanilla JS

  • To make it easier to test I’ve set it to 12 rounds to win… :wink:

Thank you for any feedback!

Simon is not my fav game but i changed your const wins = 12; to 4 just to see how the game is ending, ofc with me as a winner :slight_smile: . Good job. It seems well coded html/css/js. I would only change start btn color from light grey to something that calls more for action. Light gray is too neutral. :+1:

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Congratulations for winning! :grin:

Thank you very much for your valuable feedback! Valid point with the button color, adjusted it to green accordingly.


The audio needs to be fixed. At least in my phone, it loads with a lag. You are loading external mp3s each time if I’m not mistaken, right?

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Hey @SpaniardDev,

Thanks a lot for your feedback. You’re right, I did load the sounds each time. I have changed it now to preloading the files (according to this article) but it seems I didn’t do it fully correct resp. not playing them the right way so far. I.e. only the first one is played with sound, but starting with round 2 there is no sound anymore on mobile devices. Will try further… if you have a hint resp. solution to this, I would be glad getting to know it :wink:

I forked your pen and made a few changes so I could try it on my phone easily. It works; in my phone at least.

I did a preload of the audio files and stored them in an array so

// Below line 8 on your code:
let audioArr = new Array(4);
for (var i in audioFiles) {
  audioArr[i] = new Audio();
  audioArr[i].src = audioFiles[i];

// I removed line 125 and changed line 126 to:
// The same on playSong function (146/147):
// Then I removed the code from 49 to 78 as it is useless now.

By the way… On lines 125/126 and 146/147 you have been creating a new Audio instance, therefore overriding the preloading you tried to accomplish.

I didn’t touch the function for the winning song so you have to changed that also.

Definitely not an elegant solution but I wanted to let you notice what I think the problem was.

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Thank you very much for taking the time to look into it and outline a solution, greatly appreciated!

It seems to work now. The only thing I had to add additionally was some muted playing of all tabs when hitting the start button, so it fully works on my iphone. As I don’t have an Android device, can’t tell about that one…
Nevertheless, thanks again for the great help!

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