Simon Game - little extras

Hello Guys!

Can you give me your feedback on my Simon Game project?

I added a bit of interactivity. Try out the strict mode and make an error; you’ll see.

If it’s positive I’ll finish styling it.


sorry I couldn’t figure out how to play. Maybe put some more explanation on what the game is, how to play, and how to win…

To avoid having instructions for such a simple game, why not move the game control buttons to the top and make them a little smaller. Also, if you have a Power button and a Start, then I should not get any warning sounds when I click on the 4 colored buttons until both the Power and the Start button have been clicked. Also, I suggest change the color of the Power button and/or Start button to make it more clear to the user (beyond changing white text on a grey background which is hard to read) that the Power is on or that the game has started. One way to do that is to change the background color and the text color of the button when clicked in the “on” position.

It a sequence of sounds and colors that must be reproduced from memory. I ll make sure to actually switch the instructions to the game’s principles and make the ui clearer.

Ok. I ll make it clearer for the user. Thanks

ah I see. I’ll be happy to try again later if you end up changing it .