Simon Project Feedback Please

I have the structure of the app, fulfilling all user stories. Please be kind to provide your feedback.

  • I purposely set the challenge temporary to 6 instead of 20 so you can see the effect at the end of the game.

  • The most significant gap from the given example is that the buttons in the example act immediately - When u press them they make noise when u press, vurses when u leave the button in my app.

  • Also when u press a button in the example, the color demonstration stops immediately, including both the sound and the highlight, which Iā€™m not sure how to achieve.

Thanks in advance!

Update: GITHUB repository


It would be more helpful if you posted a link to your code so we could read it. It took me a few minutes to track it down in your git repo.

You have lot setTimeouts in your code.

Either cut some of these out, or reduce the amount, and I believe you will see a big difference.

Awesome job using js promise, and state arrays!

Oh, and I have seen some people resolve that these disruptions by deactivating the buttons during the demonstrations.

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@dr.shreeman thanks!

Here is my (hopefully) final version .


Much better! :smiley: :thumbsup:

Here is the Circle Version.

:smiley: I am glad to see that you are still working on improving your Simon game! Big improvement in UI perspective!

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