Simons Game, close to reality remake

Hi, this is my Simons game, close to reality remake

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Ok, it looks really good (as do all your projects), but… holy crap, did you define your pixel font in CSS using nth-child selectors?? Don’t get me wrong, that level of dedication and detail is impressive, but that would be a nightmare to debug and maintain. A part of me is in awe, another part is sitting in a corner dripping in cold sweat, and a third part wants you to modularize this and stick it on npm.

You can probably get rid of the audio lag when playing buttons by loading the audio files in JavaScript instead of your markup. I’m not sure exactly why this is the case, but I’m reasonably sure that’s how I solved that problem.


Easily one of the best projects I’ve seen on here. Working on this right now and it definitely inspired me to keep going so thank you!

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thanks man yeah. defined 72 letters over 2300 dots. lol. hey dont steal it. i will put it on npm soon enough))

Holy cow! LOL. 2300 dots. That’s awesome!

I haven’t gotten to this project yet, so I don’t want to look at your code, but I was curious… why 72 letters? If you were to do this is CSS, wouldn’t you just make the letters you need in each div separately?

This is just Epic! Great Job!

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