Simon's game review


I completed the last front-end challenge. Check it out if you’re interested.
Sound’s a little off on Codepen while it was working fine during testing in all browser, if you can figure out why that would help a lot… Thanks!

I think you did an amazing job at this challenge. Really well coded, clean and smart. Also verbose, but smart.

Thank you very much for your review!
By verbose do you mean too long variable and function names…? If so I was wondering about the same. Better be really clear in your code at the risk of over-explaining?
Watcha think?

Oh no, not that, sure, you could use smaller name variables but that’s a style choice and I much rather like to read self-explaining variables in other people’s code. What I meant by verbose is rather your solution to the problem, you approached the problem in an Object Oriented way, while I approached this challenge with a functional programming paradigm in mind. That’s it, just choice of paradigms, which are both great. Again, great job.

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Oh, I get it. I kinda forced myself into using an object-oriented approach to get more familiar with it. Didn’t actually know what functional programming was, now I’m researching it…
So thanks a lot for your review, compliments and for introducing me to new concepts. Really appreciated!