Simple animations on browser

For simple animations on browser with javascript:
html , css3, svg and d3.js it’s ok?
Or I need something else?
Is there a book or something for the topic of simple on browser animations?
Thanks a lot!

For simple animations you can use CSS3 only.
SVG and D3.js are next level of interactions.

You said simple then go to csstricks or smashing magazine blogs.

Asking for a book

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Thank you very much but I mean that I want to use all of them. Not only css.
It is also a simple game or something I like to do.
Javascript, D3.js, SVG, HTML5, Css I have a level of all of that and an iterest too. So is there something else or can I start with them. Animating and building games on the browser. At a first level of course!
Books or Web guides?

Grasshopper Google is an app that includes all of that. Something like that?