Simple HTML writing

<!--When I am writing HTML and have multiple classes within the tag should each class be separated by a comma? For example in this tag: <p id="description" class="description, text-center">
 <!--The comma between description and text-center--> OR does it really matter if I have a comma?-->

You should not use a comma when addingmultiple classes. Just use a single space :slight_smile:


Hi Klevelend !

The convention to add multiple classes is to have it separated with blank spaces.
Like in your example, it should be :

<p id="description" class="description text-center">

Notice that the classes name is separated by a “blank space” instead of a comma “,”.


Thank you!!! It’s this simple stuff that is throwing me off right now and means a lot to get an answer from someone…especially since I searched Google and couldn’t find the answer

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Once again thank you for your help!!!