Simple if else with drop down menu not working

I have this code but in the console log I always see “In Prozent angegeben”, maybe define them as constant and do the if else outside of the function?
In the end the scales of a graph have to be adapted to either percentage or absolute values.

       <div id="auswahl_id" class = "auswahl_class">
        <select id="changeAxisYLabel" onChange = "update()">
            <option value ="absoluteValue">Absolute Value</option>
            <option value ="percentage">Percentage</option>

           function update() {
			var select = document.getElementById('changeAxisYLabel');
			var option = select.options[select.selectedIndex];

            let vv = option.value;
            let tt = option.text;

                if (vv = "percentage") {
                    console.log("In Prozent angegeben");
                } else if (vv = "absoluteValue") {
                    console.log("In Zahlen angegeben");


= is not a comparison operator in JS, it is the assignment operator. For comparison, you usually want ===.

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Of course, I remember that was always asked for in the tests.

to check that the two operands are equal you must use (===) it’s a strict equality which returns false for the values which are not of a similar type
if (vv === “precentage”)

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