Simple-Portfolio Feedback

Hi fellow Campers! I have just finished the final project (portfolio) in the Web Design certification. Any feedback on this project - code or design - is more than welcome.

Thank you! :pray:

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Hi Chloe,

Liked you portfolio especially its layout simple yet elegant.
The zoomtunes project is also really cool.
Only one thing when clicked on the linkedin icon it directs you to twitter instead of linkedin.

Happy coding.

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Your Project Style, color and layout looks really cool.
I would like to suggest few improvements just.

  1. view Project and View Code button are very small and same style. I would recommend it to grow full width of the card and increase button and font size.
  2. I would recommend that you should make the whole card clickable to see the project. I was hoping to click on card and project will open.

Also Zoom tunes project is really cool. I would suggest to change it’s header’s color to fit in all color schema of the website.
Your hard work is awesome. Keep coding.

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Nice work. The colors on your design blend nicely together. I’m just starting on my portfolio project :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you for this feedback!

Thanks for the kind words. Good luck on your portfolio!

Fixed! Thank you for your feedback!

This is impressive!

I really like the colors you implemented.

Do you think it’s possible that you could upload a screenshot of your projects to your portfolio so that the user can see the projects before clicking on them?

The arrows are a really creative idea, but when they send you to another part of the page, it’s a little bit annoying when you just go there. Luckily, there is a way to animate the scrolling. Add the scroll-behavior css property to your html, body and set it to smooth.

Do you think it’s possible to lay the contact items along side-by-side instead of all stacked up on each other?

Once again, great job. Keep up the great work!

I really love the color scheme and the images, you clearly have a great eye for design.
However, one small note about how the website looks on very large screens, the background looks a bit cut off. If you’re using an image you might want to try using the CSS property background-size: cover; or background-size: 100%;
Alternatively you could use the linear gradient already built into CSS to generate a gradient background instead of an image file and it’ll be automatically responsive to any screen size.
This is a great website to use for easily experimenting with the colors you need:

I transitioned this to a CSS gradient. Thank you!

Thank you for your feedback! I added the scroll behavior-smooth CSS property and it looks like it might be only working on certain browsers, so I’ll play with that more. For the sake of design, I’m not adding screenshots to my projects - I’m aware that’s pretty standard for portfolios, but I want to keep the design vocabularies of each project separate! Picky, picky, I know. I also had tried the icons side by side and decided that made my full page look too middle-heavy. I do think having 1 row with 3 items, and then 1 column with 3 items doesn’t balance very well… I might add an icon for Twitter, and make it a square grid. That would provide better balance.

Thanks again!

Hi Chloe, I agree with everyone above that this looks really nice. Now I’m going to point out one issue that I’ve been harping on lately. On your ZoomToons page, if you increase the text size the page falls apart rather quickly. If you aren’t sure what I’m referring to, using FF, go to View -> Zoom and activate Zoom Text Only. Then while holding down the Ctrl key, scroll the mouse wheel to make the text size increase and observe.

When I evaluate a page for accessibility this is one of the first things I do (because it is so easy to check). We can’t assume the text size people will be viewing our pages at and thus we should make sure they are functional at any size. Personally, I am constantly checking my work at various text sizes so I can catch any problems early on.

P.S I’m also in PDX. Oregon represent!

Oh, good to know! I haven’t made Zoomtunes fully responsive or done an accessibility check yet, so this is not surprising. Def have room to improve there, I’ll address this soon. Thanks for the heads up! I recommend the FCC meetup in Portland on Monday nights, if you haven’t been to it yet. Happy coding!