Simple question on the portfoliopage I am working on

I can’t afford to pay for another website - I have 3 right now build with WordPress. My most recent site is a web design site that uses the theme that I built. I was foolish thinking that I could land freelance jobs involving WordPress.

Anyway, I was thinking of adding my portfolio page in the root directory alongside my WP install. I am thinking of *.html pages for the main page and for the links to the 2 or 3 projects I want to show. But the jr dev portfolios that I found that I like are either single-page or do now show file extensions. I understand that a site that uses PHP, like WordPress, does not show the file extension for each page.

  1. Is it okay to have .html pages or do I need to set them up as PHP pages without file extensions? If the latter, how do I do that exactly? I have created a .PHP file where I imported the header and footer but that was a year ago and I haven’t opened XAMPP in about 8 months. Hopefully, it still works since it does not update the version of PHP it runs.

  2. If I am going to have a page like, do I need to create a folder for the children (the projects) of that page? So that my project with have a same such as I assume the answer is “YES” to that but I wanted to double-check.

I can’t answer your questions about WP. But I will say that you can get decent web site hosting for less than $40/year. Or you could even use your gitpages site for free, as long as it is a static page.

I’m not looking for hosting a new site with a new host company. I’ll just add HTML pages to my publtc_html folder and place my portfolio pages there.

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