Simple Web App That May Require a dB


I’m a newbie in coding and I’m trying to build a simple web app.

It asks one question “Are You Coming for Dinner?” and takes a Yes/No response.

Where do I store this info to bring back when required? Do I need to use a dB like Mongo or MySQL or anything simpler is available.

The data is needed for a few hours to query and to prepare food according to the number of people who’re coming to eat.

Thank You

The short answer is yes, you do need some way to store the responses.

If your reason for building this app is to learn how to build apps, then going down the MongoDB path, deploying to Heroku, and all that jazz will pay off. You could build this on Glitch, even ( and use their persistent data storage if you wanted to figure that out.

If you just want a quick and dirty solution to this particular problem, I think Google forms / sheets can be leveraged into reasonably decent Web apps for this sort of purpose.

you need to store the response into database.
you can communicate with database using Web API,on button click you need to call the rest Api which will save your response in database and the you can get your data from database