Simple word replacer in react-help

Hello everyone. I am trying to make a simple react component that has a button that changes one word into another when pressed.
However my code is failing, and I don’t know why.
Thanks in advance.

        class Funny extends React.Component {
            state = {
              word: 'Love'
        handleClick = (e) => {
          this.setState ({
            word: 'Burn'
render () {
          return ( 
            <div className="test"> 
        <button OnClick={this.handleClick}>'Dont do it bro.'</button> 
              <p> {this.state.word} the puppies </p>
        ReactDOM.render(<Funny />, document.getElementById('Funny'));

capitalization matters, heres more info:

Oof, I am still getting a “missing {” error though.

If you are still getting an error after fixing the typo, you will have to give us more information about the actual error and possibly show more code.

Your render statement seems to be broken.

proper syntax ( docs )

ReactDOM.render(element, container[, callback])

hint: container