Site issues in JavaScript curriculum?

This isnt a question in regards to a problem per say BUT when i’m working through different sections , when i’m done and I submit the answer it’ll give me errors , I double check it, submit and still errors come up. I have searched for the right answer and typed it out exactly as was posted, verified everything and submit to only its telling me I have errors. BUT if I just copy and past the exact same thing it will pass. Is this something to do with the site itself(bug) or is it (more then likely ) me just missing something so small.
I havent had these issues rolling through HTML or CSS, I just started having them since I started the Javascript cirriculum.
Thanks in advance

Most likely you are missing something

Though it is highly adviced you do not go in search for the answer, but try to come up with it on your own and if you are stuck ask a question on the forum


thank you,
I think you misunderstood me…I figure out the answer but it doesnt take it so I find the answer which is the same as I have…if i type it out it seems it wont take it but if i copy and past it will take the answer. I’m guessing im missing something small and the copy/past corrects it…I just need to find the small things but not knowing what it is makes it difficult to figure out my issue…thanks for your reply

If you figure out the answer and it’s marked as wrong, that usually means that you have some bugs in your code.

If you post your code, we can usually help you find the bugs pretty quickly. This frustrating, but bug hunting is a big part of coding.

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thank you for your reply, its the small things that’ll get ya…lol

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