skewX degrees question

Hi guys according to this lesson

can anyone tell me why when I use a positive degree like in the lesson
transform: skewX(24deg); the line skews to the left? I mean isn’t left is negative and right is positive on X and Y top positive, bottom negative?(as in math, not the top bottom lines as in the exercise)
Correct me If I got something wrong, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Better than I can explain and doing a little research (meaning I did a Google search on ‘skew’) I came up with the following;

Hope it helps.

I think I understood it now.

I didn’t understand the angles previously, basically clockwise = negative, counterclock wise = positive so it makes sense.,on%20the%20positive%20x-axis.&text=Negative%20angles%20on%20the%20coordinate%20plane%20are%20angles%20that%20go,angle%20in%20the%20previous%20example.