Skills assessment? Already have some experience

Hello campers!

I’m new here. I already have some experience with html and css development. I’m almost entirely self taught though so it’s uneven – incredibly deep in some areas and shallow to non-existent in others. Is there some kind skills assessment test or something that could effectively “mark as completed” the challenges I already know?

I’m not really enjoying “this is an H1 tag, how to add/remove comments html, …” :wink: but I don’t want to leave them marked as "skipped’ either.

Ok, thanks.

Suggestion for any dev’s who might drop in to the thread: it would be nice to be able filter the challenges by certitfied/not, locked/not, completed/not, coming-soon/not, etc.

Why don’t you just do them? I think it took me 2 days to do HTML, CSS and jQuery.

2 days?..mmmmmmmm

Yes, not difficult. Every challenge has a date recorded against it:
See what I did 11-12 April 2016.

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Concepts you already know will seem boring learning again - I recommend quickly solving the challenges and moving on. Beyond that just consider it review :slight_smile:

Indeed…if you already know HTML / CSS it takes no time at all, just pound though it as a review. I actually picked up a couple of things that I forgot about so its actually not a bad idea as a refresher.

You dont have to of course, just need to do the 2 projects… From start to finish, it took me 2 days to do all the challenges and the tribute and portfolio projects…so if you know already know it, the time investment is so small may as well knock it out.

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I took an older HTML quiz to access my knowledge and it reminded me of time where HTML used a bunch of attributes to avoid using CSS. Although I still scoredhigh, I remembered some older things so reviewing is never a bad idea :slight_smile:

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LOL Oh Id love to take a quiz like that! It would be interesting to see if I can even remember how to do that. I first learned back when CSS wasnt a thing yet. I so remember moments when my then husband would be like…oh know what would look nice? If all the titles on the site were red instead of green. Id be like, You’re right, that would look nice. It’s not going to happen though. :laughing:

Have at it:

I got 36 out of 40 :joy: So strange… I really had to take pause at the setting a background image one cause I havnt seen or used that in a million years…! Thanks for sharing, that was fun in a weird way lol

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36 out of 40 too. The newer slider and ranges I just kinda guessed.


It’s outdated, we no longer follow those standards. Still good for a chuckle or two :wink:

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I had to guess a lot too… the only reason I knew anything about SVG and Canvas was because I took the HTML exam on one of Uwork or what not last month, and I had to look dang near everything up. That test had me questioning my life choices, cause I had never used most of whatever the heck i was being tested on…