Skills that hiring managers at the 50 Top LinkedIn Companies want

Hello everyone!

I decided to get back in web-programming when I saw how many people, businesses and companies were looking for them. This is all due in great part to the Smart Phone.
Now this article I just received shows which industries need future coders like us.
Hope this motivates everyone to stick a little with FCC a bit longer and study a little bit harder…:sunglasses:

Here are the skills that hiring managers at the 50 LinkedIn Top Companies want


Thanks Bro :grinning:
I am going to discover it :sunglasses:

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Great link, thank you for sharing!

As always…when you combine people skills + technical skills + willingness to learn new things, you’ll always be a great choice to other people. This article not only confirms that, it also goes in depth by giving a top 3 of skills within a category. As someone who has to struggle with C++ for school it’s cool to see I’m valued by Telecommunications and Cars haha