Skip learning lessons

I’ve already a great coding experience so I would like to skip the HTML lessons but also get the XP because of I’ve got the knowledge can I do a lesson which automatically allows you to skip the others?

The ones that are required for the certification you’re gonna have to complete I’m afraid. I realise it’s a chore having to redo things you already know, bit there isn’t a way to skip to the end and just get the cert

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I saw a question on quora where someone was asking the sae question but the answer was that only those with a star at the end are required but i dont see any stars there, do you know what this mean?

If you are trying to get the certificate for responsive web design then you only need to complete the projects to get it. You can skip any or all the challenges that come before that.

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Aha, I thought you just mean skip the required. On the last version of FCC, the challenges/projects required to get a certificate had an asterisk next to them in the curriculum map. Afaics that’s not the case anymore: my original answer assumed that the required challenges were marked, so disregard it. Just echoing what @hbar1st says: you should be able to just apply exactly what you already know to build projects

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Aha, thanks for your help @DanCouper @hbar1st!:grinning: