Skipping around the cirriculum?

Has anyone jumped around the cirriculum and still finsihed it? I am on the third data visualization project and it feels like they not only harder but the design has to be better executed. Alot of my projects really lack on the design end. Regardless of me passing all the tests for a project.

I’m thinking about skipping around and going to the microservices and api section. I just feel lost sometimes trying to start these projects.

If you feel you are lacking on the design end, you may benefit from seeking external resources for CSS style and layout. If you feel you already have the necessary skills, but not the eye for the design or the look, I recommend taking the time to search behance or pinterest for web/UI design. Look for consistencies and trends throughout different designs and designers, and maybe take note of these. Exposing yourself more to effective designs should help keep it in mind when approaching your own projects. Instagram is also a great place to follow UI/web designers to get a feel for what they are doing.

Hope this helps!