Skipping for non aspiring web designers

I work in localization/translation for an ecommerce site, and I’ve been wanting to learn code, for now just how to debug, how javascript works, how to use scripts to get web content to do what I want in terms of content and data, etc. Down the road I’d like to learn backend Python/mySQL in the hopes of learning how to enable continuous data localization on my own…but for now, I want to understand front end a bit. HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSON…never learned it

Is it a huge deal if after HTML Basics and CSS, I skip “Applied Visual Design”? Seems like a lot of design stuff using CSS…and since I really don’t want to start designing websites anytime soon, I’ve been considering skipping it for now.

Just wanted your input on altering the curriculum for someone who isnt looking to become a full-stack web developer, but rather an informed web localization person.


The only issue you would run into is that the projects (except the Algorithm projects) all require a front-end component. You can certainly jump to the JavaScript section and then see if you want to do the projects and, if so, how much HTML/CSS you need for that.

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