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Hi all,

I’ve just finished the Responsive Web Design course and before I start Javascript I wanted to see if I could further expand on the Skyline project so that it also works on mobile devices if I include a button so the user can switch from day to night, kinda like when switching themes to dark mode on websites. Has anyone tried this before using just media queries (working on top of the existing code from the Skyline project)?
Any suggestions are welcome

i couldn’t quite follow your description but from what i understood, css is gonna work.
(I understood you want the site to show up a certain way on mobile? I’m not sure what you want to toggle though)

For the Skyline project it goes from day to night depending on the viewport size. So right now it works if viewed on a computer but it doesn’t work if viewed on a cellphone

But if you can define how you want it to work…. Provided that is a reasonably explicit definition… then someone can probably give you advice. (Eg I just want someone to be able to switch between day and night if they hold their screen sideways vs in portrait view. Sounds doable.)

I hadn’t thought of orientation. This helps alot, thank you so much!

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