Slasher Flick: Test Isn't Satisfied

I’m having trouble with my code for the JS algorithm challenge “Slasher Flick.” Here’s my code:

function slasher(arr, howMany) {
    // it doesn't always pay to be first
var arrayRemain = arr.slice(howMany);
if (arr.length < howMany) {

    return "[]";

} else if (arr.length >= howMany) {

    return arrayRemain;

  slasher([1, 2, 3], 9);

When howMany is larger than the length of arr, it returns [] like the test says it should. But when I run the code, it says that [] isn’t being returned like it should for this scenario.


Any help would be appreciated! I have a feeling I’m supposed to have a different way to return [] but I don’t know what that would be.

You are returning a string "[]" rather than an empty array [].

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Oh, gosh :upside_down_face: . Thank you!