Slice and Splice, should this be a valid answer?

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As far as I can tell, this is a valid solution to the problem. I looked at the requirements and the only thing that might be missing is - “All elements from the first array should be added to the second array in their original order” Is that the issue here?

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function frankenSplice(arr1, arr2, n) {
  let newArr = arr2.slice(0);
     newArr.splice(n, 0, arr1)
  return newArr;

frankenSplice([1, 2, 3], [4, 5, 6], 1);

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The problem is:

newArr.splice(n, 0, arr1);

The line above attempts to insert arr1 into the nth index of newArr, instead of inserting the elements of arr1 into the nth index of newArr. Any argument passed into the splice method after the 2nd argument will be inserted into the array. arr1 is treated as a single argument because it is a single item (an array).

So it passes the entire array and not the elements in the array. Ok. I think I get it.