slideUp is not working on floated elements. Velocityjs

So I was making a website to have on my portfolio and I am running into a problem. When I float left the picture and text to align them side to side, the animation stops working smoothly. The floats are also messing up the footer. Here is a link to the page I loaded onto codepen

I am using a jquery and velocity js library. I am using velocity 1.5 in particular and jquery is 3.3.1. Anyone familiar with jquery’s animation would likely know how to fix this since from my knowledge, the two libraries are similar. Any help would be much appreciated. I read somewhere that changing the elements to floats or absolute positioning changes the inherent set height of the elements, which I wouldn’t understand how to work around that.


So I fixed it. For the animation I simply assigned the height using a jquery function and then for the footer I just set “clear” to “both”. Sorry if this was too amateur of a question. I was looking up the solution for many hours and couldn’t do it. I went on a walk to clear my head and got the answer when I returned.