Slightly Confusing "Introduction to Data Analysis" Quiz Question

In Introduction to Data Analysis there is a quiz question that asks, “Why should you choose R over Python for data analysis?”

While I know the answer the quiz expects, I’d like to propose that we reword the question. Currently, it feels like the question implies that R is inherently better than Python for data analysis. This is not objectively true, and both languages have their benefits and disadvantages. In fact, in this course, we use Python for data analysis. Instead, the question might be worded better as, “Why might one choose R over Python for data analysis?”

Even with new wording, I am not sure this question is beneficial, and I’m concerned that it may confuse new students (at best) or drive them away from Python for data analysis (at worst). Perhaps there could be a question asking about the advantages and disadvantages of both? Both have their place in the data world, for sure.

This is only my opinion, of course, and I am curious what others may think!


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I agree with this idea. R is not automagically superior to Python for data science.

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