Slow Mobile Broadband Speeds

I’ve been experiencing very slow speeds on my mobile broadband connection. Despite having a strong signal and full bars, my download and upload speeds are significantly slower than they used to be. This is affecting my ability to work and stream videos on my mobile devices.

Steps to Reproduce:

Connect to mobile broadband network
Run speed test on mobile device
Compare results to expected speeds for network

Expected Result:
Download and upload speeds should be consistent with the network’s advertised speeds.

Actual Result:
Download and upload speeds are significantly slower than expected, despite a strong signal.

Additional Information:

I have already tried resetting my device and network settings, but this did not improve the speed.
This issue has been ongoing for several days.
My device is up to date and there are no pending software updates.
I have confirmed with others in my area that they are also experiencing slow speeds on the same network.

Please advise on any steps I can take to resolve this issue or if there are any known network issues that are causing the slow speeds. Thank you.

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