Small group looking to start and complete FCC together. Others invited to join.

A friend and I (and possibly 2 more) are going to work through the curriculum together. I figured I would post here in case others were looking to join in. I feel like it’s easier to do when you have other people to be accountable to and talk to about it. We’ll also be doing some extra work on the side. We have a discord server set up for it.

Me please pick me… this is exactly what I needed

Everyone is welcome, my friend.

We have 20 members now c:

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Good idea! I’m finding though that most of the curriculum is skimming and then plugging in values so far. There hasn’t been much to get hung up on where I’m at. What modules are you starting on?

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We started at the very beginning. We’ll be finishing Basic CSS today. The first sections are pretty easy, but once you start doing projects and get into js, it gets a lot tougher.

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I would love to join :slight_smile: