Small script to find topics with X replies

Hey folks,

because I like to answer on topics with 0 answers,
but I don’t want to search and click them manually,
I created a small script for the console.

How to use it:

  1. Go to a subforum and sort it by Latest, e.g.
  2. Scroll down as far as you want to look back., e.g. 12h
  3. Paste the script to the dev tools console.
  4. Allow your browser to show popups from FCC (Firefox: a yellow bar will pop up; Chrome: you will see a small icon in the address bar)

((x) => $$(".topic-list-item").forEach(t => {
  $(".badge-posts", t)[0].firstElementChild.textContent === String(x) 
  &&$(".raw-topic-link", t)[0].href, '_blank');

You can customize the amount of replies the topic should have by using the argument of the function, e.g. 0.

It will open each topic in a new tab.

I’ve tested it on Firefox and Chromium.


thank you, it seems really helpful!

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There is also the possibility to use a URL query to find these posts:

Navigate to the subforum, e.g. Project Feedback and add ?max_posts=X to the URL.
X stands for the amount of max posts, the intro post is included.
replies = posts - 1

// latest topics with max 2 posts (= 1 reply) in General

// latest topics with max 5 posts (= 4 replies) in DevOps

// latest topics with max 1 posts (= 0 replies) on whole forum

You can also use min_posts instead of max_posts.

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