Smallest Common Multiple - adding comment or white space affects result

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When I add white space or comment to the code below, the result of the smallestCommons() call changes. THis only happens if the second parameter is 13 or higher. I stare at the code for long but have no idea what is wrong. Does anyone know why? How can comment/white space affect output?

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function smallestCommons(arr) {

  let small = arr[0]<arr[1]?arr[0]:arr[1];
  let large = arr[0]<arr[1]?arr[1]:arr[0];

  let result = large;

  while ( !allDivisible(result, large, small) ) {

  return result;

//return true if n is divisible by all numbers between large and small inclusively
function allDivisible(n, large, small) {
 for (let i=large; i>=small; i--) {
   if (n%i!=0) return false; 
  return true;

//console.log (12422%13!=0);
console.log( smallestCommons([1,13]) );
//adding comment or white space change result?!

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It isn’t really the whitespace that’s changing anything. Adding or removing the whitespace just re-runs the code and, for some reason, each time the code runs it produces a different result. Since the numbers seem to be within a range of +/- 10k, I wonder if the infinite loop protection is kicking in to murder the very long loop.