Smallest Common Multiple and again almost same

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I already asked this question, but i’m ask it again with additional clarification:
Function works fine on local computer and executes in 330ms. While previous version of it got executed for ~1.4min on local machine. You can already can see improvement. But FCC says execution took 1241ms?! Does FCC do some background processes or what? Anyhow, i have no further recourse but to use //noprotect. If anyone knows how i can speed up execution from 330ms/FCC’s 1241ms to less time i’ll listen. At this point i have no new ideas … Here’s a pen: and in codepen execution time is >130ms which is peak not average time of execution. Edit1: Because it thinks it’s endless loop, it exits loop earlier so result is far lower then it should be.

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function smallestCommons(arr) {

var arr1=[];

	for(var i=arr[0];i<=arr[1];i++){

	var x=1;

	function check(arr1) {

		if (x%arr1==0){
			return x%arr1==0;


  return x;


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