Smallest Common Multiple last two bubbles

The last two bubbles won’t turn green, but I’ve tested and it gives the right answer here I tried using // noprotect. I gives the right answers. but won’t light up.

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function smallestCommons(arr) {

var fist = arr[0] 
var ff = fist;
var second = arr[1]
var ss =second;
var numbersbetween = []

if(second > fist){
  var se;

  for(se = second; se > fist;   se--){
    for( ff = fist; ff > second;   ff--){
    } numbersbetween.push(second)
 var bl = numbersbetween.length

  if(numbersbetween[bl-1] === 0){
     } document.write(bety  + " ")
  var result = 1;
  var i;
var u= 0;

  for(i = 1;i > 0; i++){   
   u += 1 
    var t =numbersbetween.length;
    var facou = 0;

    for(t > 0; t--;){
      var current = numbersbetween[t]
      var factor = 0;
      if(current == 1){
          factor = u %current;
       facou += factor

    if(facou == 0){
                   var y = i
                  i -= i + 2}

  return y;

smallestCommons([23, 18]);

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I don’t think that //noprotect has been implemented with the new site (the underlying technology of FCC has changed, so many features need to be rebuilt from scratch). My guess is that you are timing out and triggering the infinite loop protection. You can choose to skip the challenge or you can work on a solution that is more efficient. All the lessons can be completed without having to turn the infinite loop protection off.