Smallest Common Multiple: Test bug?

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All my tests pass in console, including the ones the FCC test suite shows are not passing.

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function smallestCommons(arr) {
  let num = 1; 
  while(!divisible(list(arr), num)) {num++}
  return num;

//list maker
function list (input) {
  let listArray = [];

    if (input[0] <= input[1]){
    let element = input[0];
    while (element <= input[1]){ 

    if (input[0] >= input[1]){
    let element = input[1];
    while (element <= input[0]){
  return listArray

//check if multiple 
function divisible (someArray, someNum) {
	for (let i in someArray){
		if (!(someNum % someArray[i] == 0)){
		 return false}
	return true 


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Your solution is too slow which means you will use a more efficient algorithm to solve this challenge. Your slower solution is triggering FCC’s infinite loop protection, even though you do not have an infinite solution.