Smallest Multiple: Recursive Function Only Repeats Once

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My code seems to be working properly, but my recursive function only repeats once regardless of the numbers I input. Running isMultiple loops through the lower numbers in the array correctly accepting them if they are multiples and the returning false when it’s not a multiple, but the second time it returns false it doesn’t seem to call the function again.

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function smallestCommons(arr) {
//Assigns highest element to count
let count = arr[1];
// get the range of numbers
let range = Math.abs(arr[0] - arr[1]);
// Get the smaller value.
let lesser;
(arr[0] < arr[1]) ? lesser = arr[0] : lesser = arr[1];
let greater;
(arr[0] < arr[1]) ? greater = arr[1] : greater = arr[0];
let rangeArray = [];
for (let i = lesser; i <= greater; i++){
function isMultiple(){
  console.log(arr, count);
  for(let i = rangeArray[0]; i < range + 1; i++){
    console.log("Count" + count + "%" + i);
    if(count%i != 0) {
      //console.log(i, count)
      return false;
  console.log("Passes these test");
  return count;
if(isMultiple() === false){
  return (isMultiple());
/*if(isMultiple(count) === true){
  return count;
smallestCommons([1, 13]);

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Neither of your functions are recursive.
isMultiple() gets called twice because you call it twice.

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Thanks Ariel,
I’m going too fast and just took that for granted by modeling it off of another solution that was a little different. I’ll move it inside the function itself instead of the outer function.