Smart Security Cameras

Which Camera should be used for home surveillance in 2020? Is it Blink Xt2 Camera is best?

I have the Nest system (google) for outdoors and it works great. Doorbell cam + satellite cam. I’ve not used the Blink (Amazon) but i’ve heard they don’t offer 24/7 recording, it only turns on when motion happens.

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Nest system google means Nest Hello Alexa Smart Assistant ?

I’ve heard a lot of issues with these ‘Smart’ (IoT) cameras: data hacks, people being able to see other people’s feeds… You’d be ‘smart’ to avoid such things and get a big cat, like a leopard, or a Komodo dragon.

I thought that many people realised that the internet is not a safe ‘place’ for your data, so why try to connect your house to it, other than to allow a criminal to look inside to see if you are in or there’s anything worth stealing?

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No camera will protect your house from this:

A good alarm system may prevent a burglar from entering your home; an IoT camera lets you watch them while they are inside.


I am also interested in this