Smooth is faster!

I’ve been trying to find a way of learning coding effective and faster for years.
I manage to discover that applying what i learned right away is great way to show my knowledge.
But also I stuck and too lazy to brainstorm or challenge myself to think. So I ask for help without thinking clearly.

In this situation, it is very important to go back from scratch or step 1 and put my thoughts out on the paper. Maybe a graph or drawing. It might be really rough and crappy design but It help me go through my thought process.

It helped me ask for help in a meaningful way. Sometime I answered my own question and even answer the next problem without knowing it.

I realized typing faster doesn’t mean I can finish the task faster or learned faster.
Asking a lot of questions doesn’t help either.

But thinking and going through the process of my understanding did help.
Pen and paper helped. Drawing help and planning helped. Organizing my thought help.

How about you friend? do you have any faster and effective way to finish any coding problem? copy and paste from internet doesn’t count.

I recommend playing with test cases on pen and paper first. Then I like to come up with a plan. After all that, then I go to the keyboard.

Minutes of planning can save hours of debugging.


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