@snigo says hi - #100DaysOfCode challenge

Hi everyone, I recently decided to accept #100DaysOfCode challenge to update my personal portfolio and finally finish all unfinished side projects. Today was the Day 4 - early stages :slight_smile: First three days I’ve spent on main portfolio website:


And today I did my first simple project - LapChart: https://lapchart.snigo.dev/
(mind that it just 3 hours of coding old, so bugs are most likely present)

Any feedback or just random ideas about the projects you want me to build would be highly appreciated.


Hi @snigo,
Thank you for the opportunity to comment on your project.

I can’t deny the fact that you have an amazing eye for design. I’ve seen a lot of portfolios; and this is quite unique. :heart_eyes:

I loved how you did the animation once you stop the watch. Was that D3?

Keep up the good work!

Thanks for the feedback! I used Recharts library, react wrapper for d3, but in future I’m planning to write my own wrapper, as Recharts is quite old and uses deprecated functionality from React

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Congratulations, @snigo.

I’m doing almost the same challenge.

Wow… Excellent. I’ll give it a try.

Are you using plain react or you used a framework like next or gatsby?

Seeing this yesterday made me download gatsby and start playing with. I do too want to have my portfolio in react, but decided to use Gatsby for SEO for my blog.

Thanks! Good luck with it!

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I’m using next.js + typescript on the frontend. Soon, as things will grow on the website, I will most likely need some API server. That would be Swagger + Rust + Actix most likely. Gatsby is a great technology with bonus skill of GraphQL in the package, definitely a good choice for a blog-like website!

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Hey, just a quick question, where did you get all your SVGs from, or did you make them yourself?

I took them from https://www.flaticon.com/ and them optimized with https://jakearchibald.github.io/svgomg/

Sometimes I might also manually change fill color if I don’t like it.