So for this project, is alright to fork the code in the link given, but just change the inputs according to your choice?

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What do you mean by change the inputs according to your choice?

You can fork the pen, but you should delete all the code and start from scratch. You should create your own design and own content.

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the whole point of the project is to use what you have learned.
so you have to write you own tribute page.

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There are two links to on that page. One is to an example of a minimal finished product. The other (link lower on the page) is to a mostly blank pen that contains only the testing software.

The second one is the one you want to fork.

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As mentioned, you won’t gain much from editing some of the inputs and submitting that as your project. Start with a blank HTML template and build each project from scratch. If you find you get to a point where you’re stuck or struggling, then just go back and reread the section in curriculum, better yet do some of your own googling.

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