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The title of the topic can be called my motto when it comes to learning.

I wrote the very first lines of code on Feb 29 this year (I’m 32). At that point, I had a job that I disliked a lot and was searching for something new for about 6 months.

This is when I decided to spend a few months learning to code and look for a developer job. In March I got an offer to move internally to a Project Manager role which I accepted and started at the begging of this month. This job is focused on software infrastructure and cloud infrastructure but it’s not directly related to software development.

Still figuring out if I like it but so far so good.

This made my motivation to learn to code lower - previously I was in a position that I had to do it, now I can do it and probably will but it not a must.

Anyway, I still want to go strong with coding. This is the time I’ve put in so far:

I’m working with the Pomodoro technique, so each bar shows how many pomodoros I get each day. Every Pomodoro is 25 min. Average of 8 pomodoros or 4 hours a day.

My goal, for now, is to add an hour so get the average to 10.

I working with a mix of Udemy tutorials, fCC, and own projects.

The plan is to focus on HTML, CSS, JS till the end of May and then start learning React.

I will keep updating this thread to keep me motivated and track the progress.


Hello ! Congrats for your new job so !
What is your pro background ? Do you use some other coding langages for your job ?

I find your visualisation interesting - Do you work by 25min shot few times a day or is it a big part of work then divided by 25 min ?

Have a nice day and good coding time !

Hey Groucha,

I worked in large corporations on different positions, for the past 18 months I’ve been working as a part of Project Management Office and now moved to Project Manager.

I have been working with developers in a business analyst/ product owner role on some small projects. If we needed any changes in the system I would specify what we need, sit down with developers to discuss it and later on check if it is delivered.

So I have been involved in software development but never done any coding myself. I have learned the basics of SQL a few years ago as I was supposed to use it but then it turned out that I need just a few commands that I was copy-pasting anyway so I forgot most of it.

As for the pomodoro I always do 4 blocks (25 min work, 5 min break each) in the morning before I start regular work. Then it varies, I do few in the afternoon, sometimes in one big block, more often scattered.

The graph is from the KanbanFlow website - I use it to plan the work and track time.

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Thx for your sharings !

KanbanFlow looks nice and practical ! I’ve a handwritten routine but maybe I’ll dig it and create a free account

So you use SQL only to pick some data ? I mean, pick what you need for your analyses and it’s over. No work on the database itself ? Are there some specific workers only for this part ? I’m curious…SQL intimidates me a bit ! What were the programs you used for the business analyst part ?

What does it mean for you “go strong with coding” ? Have you got some “goals” like start a blog or a e-shop or make games or…find another job related to ? or something like this ?

Yea SQL only to pick data. I had nothing to do with the creation of databases. Even though I was working as PMO (traditionally PMO is supposed to support, monitor, and control various projects within the company) I was given some project and team and worked on it.

The projects usually revolved around IT security, risk mitigation. Sometimes we would discover something that needed to be changed, updated, added to the system. This is when I worked with developer teams.

I didn’t use any dedicated software, just a lot of meetings, e-mails, Excel, and Tableau.

The goal at the beginning was to find a job as a developer as soon as possible. Now with me getting the new job and market getting a bit worst this is not that big of a priority for me.

But I will try anyway, for now, I have a goal of starting to apply for developer jobs in September. I want to have a good understanding of HTML, CSS, JS, React by that time.

Additionally, I want to have at least 2 larger projects to show off, portfolio page, and GitHub with good track of activity (GitHub is already created and some first projects uploaded).

Regarding the tasks tracking I also use a notebook with a checklist, but I mix it with this kanban board - this one I use mostly to track the pomodoros. Free version is more then enough, premium seems to be geared more towards teams using it.

Wish you success with your projects then :slight_smile:

After starting this thread I had dip in motivation, forcing myself to code was really hard. I took three days off - first time since I started learning and it helped a bit.

I’m putting 2-4 hours daily, sometimes more. For the most part it is high quality time.

My goal is to start consistently logging in 4 quality hours and then expand.

I am trying to understand what is happening behinds the scenes of my brain. When reading some productivity books etc. they often mention getting 1% better each day.

That sounds nice and simple but personally, sometimes I can focus for 6-7 hours a day, and sometimes I have trouble focusing at all. If anyone has any insights about this topic it would be appreciated.

I am splitting my time between freeCodeCamp (finished Java Script: Basic Data Structures) and Udemy course where I build a movie comparison app at the moment.

The issue with working with projects in Udemy is that even though I try to understand each part and even repeat some stuff on my own. I know that I would not be able to recreate what I’m doing without the tutorial.

I also put some programing concepts, definitions etc. in Anki and learn that way.

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