So i cant pass Change text colour of HTML

Mind if you ever fix the problem that existed for long time now? After challenge to change text colour in HTML it wont get me to a next challenge, i did everything correctly. Fix your site please.

would you please share your code so we can see if there is a hidden mistake or it is actually a bug

Idk how to share a code, please help me. Im new here

copy your code from the editor because we cant see the code only the text

I am copying from editor but it keeps giving me text only.

I did it like this, and its all correct, there is a bug in your site

You’re supposed to make it red.

change the color to red from blue @Bego96

Thank you guys, i didnt pay attention much down there in text, i guess my flu is making me lose some focus. I dont like winter much haha

I have the same problem. I tried everything right but can’t pass it . I wrote “ red”. I used my iPhone to do it. I will try it again by my laptop later.

no problem is you encounter any more problems just let me know @Bego96

I used my PC, and it worked, i read it has some problems on phones though. It should be fixed i guess

Ok thank you very much

I just checked and it worked for me, the solution looks like this:

<h2 style="color: red">CatPhotoApp</h2>

edit: hmmm - sorry about this. I can’t see how to wrap it in spoiler tags at the same time as displaying it as code.

no problem at all @Bego96

I know i didnt pay much attention, i changed to red and it worked. Thank you for helping.

Try putting a newline in there:

`<h2 style="color: red">CatPhotoApp</h2>`[/spoiler]
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Thanks! It works now.

thanks!This is super useful.

Please help me guys. Here is my code


The color has changed, but the site refused to allow me acccess to the nexxt challenge. it keeps insisting that I should end the style declaration with a colon. I believe i have already done that. Please what else did I miss?