So I decided to learn Go

After going through the Tour of Go I started redoing the FCC challenges in Go. I’d be grateful if any Go developers would let me know how I’m doing and how I might improve, without spoiling any future challenges. Thanks.

Reverse a String
Factorialize a Number
Check for Palindromes
Find the Longest Word in a String
Title Case a Sentence
Return Largest Numbers in Arrays
Confirm the Ending
Repeat a string repeat a string
Truncate a string
Chunky Monkey

Check for Palindromes - Regex print issue, see lines 48-50. Sure, it works here, but probably doesn’t fall under best practices. It was no problem in JavaScript
Chunky Monkey - see line 35, where I had to Printf instead of Println. Again, it works, but unlikely best practice. Pointers? Structs? Channels? Not grasping them currently, nor am I sure if they’re what I need.

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My approach is meant to allow anyone to view, run, and play with the code with ease and swiftness. Also, I had trouble installing Go and running files locally on both Ubuntu and Windows. So I’ve stayed in the Go Playground, which I think is okay for now as I learn the fundamentals of the language.

Anyway, thanks for doing this! I feel privileged to bear witness to your professional way of doing things. I look forward to learning more.