So I finished my Random Quote Machine. Whatcha think?

I would appreciate some feedback on if it works and how you like it in general. Thanks! :relaxed:

So, here is my pen: My Random-Quote-Machine

I like the formatting you did here, very nice!

Only complaint is “Hit this button for some Motivation:” blends in too much with the mountain. Play around with the colors or give it a border or something.

But very nice.

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I think that overall, this is really nice. I too think that for the most part, the formatting is great.

I feel that there is not enough contrast between the background and the text on the top part that contains the title and the ‘Motivate me’ button.

I also feel that the way the author of the quote is separated from the quote is a little confusing – but that might just be me.

Great job. Your rendition of this is inspiring.

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the design is very nice

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Thank you, You are right. I am going to try and fix this.

Tank you. I understand what you mean, and I will try to fix that.

Thanks! :relaxed: Maybe I focused a little too much on CSS and should’ve just done the functionality and then on to the next one, but I just like it when it looks kinda nice.