So i got the certification, what's next?

I finished the 5 javascript projects (with lots of help from google and the hint sections)
However I have the feeling that I am still FAR from understanding javascript. In your more professional opinions, what should I focus on next? Should I continue on to bootstrap, even though I’m afraid I will forget most of javascript? Or is there additional things I can do to practice to really cement javascript into my mind?
Thanks in advance.

Google (searching in general) never vanishes from your coding live so it’s good that you’re getting the hang on “how to search” when stuck ^^.

If you intend on focusing in web development specifically you would be well set if you also understand bootstrap so continuing the studies would be a good idea. For back end development it becomes less of a requirement.

You can check the developer roadmap guideline if you ever feel “stuck” on what your next step can be depending on what path you feel like following.

Regardless you can continue to do your own projects actively so you keep the knowledge fresh or do challenges in leetcode or similar websites so you practice both problem solving and your JS.

If it helps tell us which parts you feel less comfortable with so maybe me or anyone else here in the forum can redirect you to some content that you can study or practice actively to solidify that knowledge.