So i have got my first job interview test with the team

I had my phone interview with the head of talent of the company. Even though I prepared myself with a lot of notes for any questions this person might ask me about the company, my work or just myself, it was very straight-forward. First, the interviewer asked if I have a British passport because there might be some travelling to the states this year, which I applied yes. Next, was this role I have applied for is about transcreation rather than creation. So there is no JavaScript involved. Just HTML and CSS. For example, I might have to take the ad, if you like, and making sure the coding is correct. I might have to change the language like from Russian to English or English to Spanish. Change the imagery.
Like I said before, it’s more transcreation than creation.
So, I’ve got a 2 hours test with the team to see if I can read code and see if there are any problems with the code.
Just want to know if anyone had an easy interview before? Has anyone just worked in HTML and CSS in a company? And the main question, how should I prepare myself for this test? What kind of examples of bad code am I going to get?
This company is a marketing and advertising company based in London. They have about 20 offices worldwide. It seems really cool place to work at as it looks very diverse, dynamic, young team in the company. They have won a lot of awards and worked with big companies like Sky and Coca Cola.

Sounds like a scam. Give me a link and I’ll check it out I have a pretty good bs detector.

Why do you think so?

Why would they ask if you have a British Passport? That’s a red flag. Companies are allowed to ask if you are a British citizen but outright asking if you have a passport is odd.

Second red flag is the position - html/CSS only doesn’t make much sense. I’ve never seen a html/CSS only position. Even if it was real would you really want to take on this work? It seems like a trap.

First of all, traveling for HTML/CSS development work? Why? That seems odd if not fishy.
Secondly, are you really that desperate for a job to go for a position with a dead end?

Most of the time there are no jobs which require just HTML and CSS. Usually those two are used with either JavaScript on the front end or some back-end language. It might seems tempting to go for a job like this especially if that’s your first job in IT but do not go that way unless you want to lock yourself into that position.

I’ve been there, started as “front end developer” (the quotes are intentional) and I fooled myself that I will have a chance to work with JavaScript too. In the end I worked with simple stuff like the things you described. It back fired at me because in the end I lost the job and I couldn’t find another because of zero experience with JavaScript.

In today’s market JavaScript is a must if you want to work in web development. Don’t be desperate for commercial experience. Be mindful about the propositions you get. This position doesn’t seem to be worth your time in a long run.

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I got an email early today about the test tomorrow and this is part of the email -
"The test will be focussed on your HTML and CSS skills whilst also assessing your ability to identify problems with and fix other people’s code. It will take about 30mins, and if you pass, will be followed by a 30min interview "

I am really unsure should I bother go to this? I mean this is my first test-interview I am going to so maybe go for the experience but then again I really don’t want to waste my time and effort to go to London…

Did they ask you to bring your passport to the interview?

It sounds like a scam.

just a 30mins test and if i pass then its a 30 mins interview. i don’t need to bring my passport

@rosstopherrr you haven’t mentioned where you’re located so I don’t know if traveling to London is a big effort for you. I agree that going to interviews even without intention of getting a job is a good thing. Interviewing is an important soft skill and I notice that a lot of people have problems with it.

We can’t decide for you if it’s worth to go for the interview if you are not sure you want the job. It is up to you to decide. Personally I wouldn’t go abroad for a job that seems fishy and I am not sure about it. The final decision is yours as it’s your life. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just remember it’s not the only possible job. Today job market belongs to the employees not employers.