So, I tweet-stormed the wrong guy

Because I get punchy sometimes, and someone said something unkind about FCC on a blog they posted to Twitter, I called someone out on Twitter.

He tweet-stormed a response, which was fair enough.

Not to be outdone (I’m a straight white man on the internet, after all…I WILL BE HEARD) I tweet-stormed back.

But I @ replied the wrong guy.

So now I feel very sheepish. :blush:

This is my confession.


Ah. I find it’s usually best to wait an hour when I have the urge to flame someone. It’s almost always not worth it. Sometimes going as far as typing it up and not sending it is enough.

I waited 6 hours.

I think I maybe need to take a day next time :slight_smile:

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Lol, it happens the best out of us.

Just out of curiosity, what exactly did he say about FCC? I can’t imagine someone bashing about FCC, especially how the name implies “Free” it could be a bad thing

He said that FCC is really only for the elite top 1% and only those can really get hired.

He then said you could buy his course for $200 to REALLY get hired.

On his website he has testimonials from his success stories.

4 White guys.

I don’t wanna make assumptions (but I do)…seems a little more 1-percentery than our broad church :wink:

Can “free and open source” really mean anything other than “exclusive and elite”? :rolling_eyes:

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I know, I know, I know…



@P1xt!!! I was holding you up as my moral paragon and model of restraint for a while there…then you cracked :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But, really, I heartily approve.


I got another 6 or 7 replies and decided to take your former advice and just let it go :slight_smile:

Turn your attention to something good instead of getting punchy. The world needs more positive people! You ain’t helping anybody with your attitude. Many people love FCC and one little tweet won’t hurt anyone unless someone replies to it like you @JacksonBates

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It will be nice if Freecodecamp entered some of the graduates in coding contests.