So I wanna learn Javascript

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So recently I’m reading this book on JavaScript, The JavaScript and JQuery Book by Jon Duckett, I’m 42% in and my brain just feels like it can’t process anymore.

So I wanna ask:

Is the book I’m reading still revelant now?
If not then, which book would you suggest?
How can I keep learning JavaScript interesting, because sometimes I try and read a page and it’ll be so full of information, I’m actually jealous of you guys who call yourselves MEAN stack developers and others who understand JavaScript, how do you do it?

Do you remember everything about JavaScript? If so, How? How did you learn it without having a kinda hard time?

My biggest thanks to all of your answers :wave:

Hi @Lewis2 I think its a great think to learn code, and JavaScript is certainly only becoming more, and more prominent in todays society, JQuery is not as relevant as it used to be so you could probably get away with not going head first into it right now. I would highly recommend learning vanilla JS before you start looking at tooling because doing both at the same time is sure to make your life harder than it need be. I have been studying JS for a little over half a year now, and I can say the first two months of that was me gawking at a screen not able to make sense of anything, but the thing is once you start to understand it, it is all so much easier to learn!

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FreeCodeCamp is in my opinion the best place to start learning web developing for free if that is what you are interested in. The lessons are great, the blogs are great, and the community is great as well.

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Hey there @Lewis2 :wave:,

Let’s answer your first question

Yes! It’s a pretty good book to learn and understand some basic concept of JavaScript. But as @caryaharper said, JQuery is not as relevant as much today because of how much JS framework is out there, React, Vue, Svelte, etc… But the book is still relevant to learn the JavaScript concepts :slight_smile: .

How you ask? There is a lot of ways ofcourse :wink:.

  1. Watch some videos instead of just reading some books
  2. Do some of it yourself. If you say you can’t because you don’t know how to or won’t setup a coding setup, there are a lot of online editors and what I recommend is
  3. Challenge yourself, take all the concepts you learned and make a project that you can try all these concepts on (This will really help you because it gives you sort of an achievement)

If you wan’t to learn it slowly at your own pace with hands-on examples, you can always try sites that teach you hands-on, to name a few:

When you do this, try NOT to fill yourself with all of that information at once. Try to do it slowly. Process them line by line, paragraph by paragraph, if you have a doubt or question about something, you can google it.

Haha, you’re funny… One concept on programming, you DON’T want to remember everything about something. You want to understand the concept and how it works, and it’ll come to you.

In programming, one skill you want to have is to be able to do research. For example if you have a problem, you want to have the skills to know what to look for in a book, or how to Google stuff.

Yes, googling stuff is a skill that is seeked and needed by coders. If you see all the memes about programmers job’s to google stuff, it’s all true. You know why? Because coding is NOT EASY. It is so big and vast to master everything about it. So instead we try to again understand how it works so that we know what to google/research.

I’m going to do a safe bet that NOBODY has ever learned JavaScript (Or any programming language) without any hardships, without any roadblocks. I remember I was so frustrated that I stopped coding for a week and on that time I realised that it’s going to take time. It is ALWAYS going to be there, and don’t take it the negative way. Look at a roadblock/obstacle as a goal/jumping point to achieve, make it like a fun task to complete.

It took me painfully 3 months to get the gist of what JS is, and most of the time I’m still overwhelmed of how many stuff there is still to be learned out there. Just remember to take it slow and not to rush it.

If you are frustrated about a problem and can’t seem to get the answer, there is always us here to help you. The FCC community will try to help you as best as we can on your journey on coding. I will try to help you and others as best as I can to get to where you want to be.

Remember Happy Coding! :slight_smile:


Build stuff.

It’s weird when people ask “how can I get better at programming”. If the question was “how can I get better at running”, well the obvious answer is - run. Coding is considered a mental challenge, but it’s more like sports. The more you practice, the better you get.

The brainy part is that for producing good code, you also have to think about the process, and run smart, instead of just running mindlessly.

I remember the things I used in my code. Sometimes I forget details (“how many arguments does .splice take again, and what goes where?”) but I just look it up, and use it, and then it automatically sticks.

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What sources that teach vanilla JS do you recommend?

Thanks! Only problem is that I don’t have as much time on a computer as I used to, thats why I asked for books, but thanks for that anyway​:wave::+1::+1:

LOL :laughing: I know!


My favourite so far :laughing: Because it’s so true :cry:

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