So many negative thoughts

I am from Bangladesh.I am learning web development.But sometimes negative thoughts stuck in my head.I think as I don’t have a cs degree can I become successful?

Negative thoughts are there because, you aren’t good enough yet. They are not an obstacle it simpley telling you put more time into coding and give yourself time to question yourself if you really understand everything :3

I’m on the same boat as you are. No college degree, and I’m even unemployed as of now. Trying to learn web development by myself to see where it gets me. I hope we become successful someday. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello mate. I won’t take a guess on how are things in Bangladesh, but at least where I live (argentina) you can compensate your lack of degree with projects, a good resume and basically, showing what you can do. This also happens in the US, for example, for what I’ve read in reddit, here and other sources. I’ve also encountered many people with a degree who struggle to find a job as well because they don’t have experience at all nor any projects to show to employers.

So, focus on having a nice github, a beautiful portfolio and cool projects that clearly show what you know and can offer. I think many of us (if not all) struggle daily with the “I can’t learn this”, “I’m just not good enough”, “I won’t make it” kind of thoughts. But you have to fight them precisely, and keep going.

Best wishes.

Hi, knowledge-wise everything you learn at the university you can also learn outside of it.
You “just” need to know what topics or subjects you need to look for.
There are a ton of free online courses that are there to teach you those topics, some even from very renown universities.
I believe there was also more than one attempt to put several courses together to make a completely free degree. Take a look at this one from Open Source Society University.

Having done this is kinda comparable to a CS degree (and actually I think it’s more advanced than the one provided by my university, to be honest).

I do believe that in the end, the employer will be more interested to the projects you have done (because they actually prove what you can do) rather than a degree. If he/she IS interested in that piece of paper, this is a valid alternative.

You can do it! :slight_smile: